💯Kentucky! Culture is shaping health innovation and the world is noticing.

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Creative People. Grounded in Culture. Backed by Science.

After months of preparation, the UofL School of Public Health & Information Sciences launched the Center for Creative Placehealing (CCP) with a day long R&D Roundtable. We asked the participants-- which included private sector leaders, Metro Louisville government officials, entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, research scholars from across University of Louisville, Northern Kentucky University, University of Kentucky, and regional creative industry companies -- to help CCP identify unique, actionable, time-bound opportunities for culturally-responsive population health innovation in Kentucky.

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Healthcare access involves more than geography or insurance.

Sometimes, the things we can't see, but feel, matter more. Medical Mistrust results in underutilization of preventive health services. CCP's collaboration with University of Louisville School of Medicine is a great example of the unique way that CCP is finding new cultural solutions to deeply entrenched challenges. Learn more in the current issue of Medical News

Muhammad Ali learned to box in Louisville's Smoketown neighborhood, right next door to UofL's Health Sciences Campus. 

Ali’s legacy continues inspire! Building, in part, on the lessons learned from the Medical Mistrust research, UofL is leading a growing group of community partners in building an intentional culture of trust, hope and collaboration with our Smoketown neighbors through “Heart of a Champion” - a cardiovascular prevention program framed by the six core principles of Ali — confidence, conviction, dedication, respect, giving and spirituality. This pilot program marks a renewed commitment toward building a strong community-university partnership that can deliver culturally-responsive clinical care and expand opportunities for medical education. Learn more.

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CCP is recruiting a Healthy Business Coalition

Work with us over the coming year and help Louisville’s private sector re-imagine employee health & wellbeing programs by connecting culture (hope, trust and belonging) with science.

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Obesity is a costly burden for the people of Kentucky.

Experts project that in 2018 Kentucky will spend $6 billion in health care costs attributable to obesity. CCP and IDEAS xLab are leading the integration of arts, culture and innovation for Kentucky's effort with the CDC to find new ways to counter the obesity epidemic through culturally-responsive approaches to obesity prevention in public health service organizations across the state. This work is also in collaboration with the National Science Foundation's Center for Health Organization Transformation at the UofL School of Public Health & Information Sciences.

Got Hygge? (it’s the secret to happiness in Denmark)

CCP Director, Theo Edmonds, shares UofL and Louisville’s unique approach to culturally-responsive innovation in his keynote: "Creative Placehealing: How Culture Shapes Health" at the High Tech/Human Health Summit in Aarhus, Denmark. December 2018.  TALK STARTS @ :45 sec into the video. Click here to view.