Organizations shape culture. Culture shapes wellbeing. Wellbeing drives innovation.

What does Creative Placehealing mean?

Culture – in the physical and digital places where we work, invest and learn – impacts our health and wellbeing. Creative Placehealing is a framework for connecting creatives of all kinds with evidence-based research, development support and training in order to drive a culture of health through business. Cultural wellbeing depends on inclusion. Our work combines the rigor of science with creativity to move businesses toward inclusion. Further. Faster.

Who are the partners in CCP?

The University of Louisville School of Public Health & Information Sciences leads the collaboration in partnership with IDEAS xLab and a coalition of private sector businesses, government agencies, research universities, philanthropic foundations, creative industries, and healthcare providers. CCP’s Director is Theo Edmonds, JD,MHA,MFA, Assistant Professor in the department of Health Management & Systems Sciences. To request a meeting with us to explore how your business or organization can join the partner network, click here.

Why do we need to expand opportunities for health innovation?

More than 80% of America’s healthcare expenditure is on largely preventable (non-communicable) diseases like depression. Research from the World Health Organization says that culture must play a primary role in solving deeply entrenched health and social challenges including: substance use disorder; obesity; inclusive workplace/economy; social isolation; mindful aging; food access; environmental sustainability; youth development; and, creation of a civil society. 

How does CCP support our private sector business partners?

The Center for Creative Placehealing provides an inclusive, efficient, intellectual space for developing culturally-responsive solutions with and for communities, consumers, and employees. Deliverables include cultural strategies, innovation labs, research support and scalable health communications initiatives. CCP helps companies, governments and communities effectively engage the cultural challenges at hand, no matter what the population health issue. We are experts at combining culturally-based, transdisciplinary field research, with lean startup/agile development methodologies.