CCP is a bridge between population health practice and research, private sector business, and creative industries. We support impact in three primary ways: 

  1. Influencing the way that people talk about and act on health topics. CCP is most interested in culturally-responsive solutions based on the science of hope, trust and belonging, and how innovative ideas spread across society to become popular culture.

  2. Exponentially increasing opportunities for the private sector to invest in creativity and new ideas for social impact, validated through science. In re-imagining private sector innovation for improving health and wellbeing, CCP will support businesses in moving toward inclusive growth.

  3. Expanding knowledge of how culture can be used as a lever for growing and diversifying entrepreneurship in an innovation economy while improving health and wellbeing across diverse populations. From the initial discovery of  deeply entrenched challenges that can’t be easily addressed by only one stakeholder group, to the design and prototyping of new population health interventions, physical or digital, CCP offers a reliable, experiential, co-creation process for cultural affinity groups (geography, heritage, identity, gender, etc.) to make new options visible for impacting population wellbeing at scale.