In centering our work upon the business community —places where people work, invest and learn— our approach forges an exciting new path for co-creation and inclusive growth between the creative, health and business sectors. 
The Center for Creative Placehealing has THREE ENGAGEMENT LEVELS with business: 

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BUSINESS SECTORS | CREATING CULTURAL WELLBEING THROUGH BUSINESS: Business-engaged collaboration which leverages the power of culture to improve employee and community wellbeing while positively impacting talent attraction/retention, productivity and innovation.

ORGANIZATIONS | SUPPORTING CREATIVE PRODUCTION WITH RESEARCH: Building transdisciplinary research and development teams of health researchers, humanities scholars, historians and journalists, and creative industries professionals to co-design evidence-based creative strategies with organizations (visual, theatre, music, dance, film) who seek to impact health and wellbeing through creative production and presentation. 

CREATIVE ENTREPRENEURS | DEVELOPING POPULATION HEALTH ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Providing intersectional (African-American, Women, etc.) innovation leadership development for creatives of all kinds — humanities, business, science.