Connecting People with their passions

At the heart of public health is social justice and science! We will soon be posting skills-based volunteerism opportunities here for researchers, creatives and business leaders. You can help CCP build thriving cultures and inclusive economies where everyone is able to contribute their full, creative, potential.

Examples of projects that could emerge

  • Investigating how culturally-responsive technology can support inclusive workplaces for the LGBTQ community.

  • Creating new models for corporate-community collaboration in developing entrepreneurs of color which celebrates different cultural approaches to entrepreneurship.

  • Understanding the role of hope and trust as catalysts for employee health.

  • Measuring hope, trust and belonging in diverse communities in order to increase access to preventative health services.

  • Using the arts of overcome workplace/community stigma related to substance use disorder.

  • Creating a film, guided by scientific evidence, designed to measurably change the narrative around a deeply entrenched social challenge that is negatively impacting health and wellbeing.

  • Leveraging history and heritage for obesity prevention in marginalized populations.

  • Activating hope as a driver for health policy innovation, led by adolescents and young adults, to improve their emotional wellbeing.

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