We are pioneering a measurable, replicable, scalable process to unlock new innovation and inclusive economic growth by cultivating underestimated talent in the American workforce.

Talent Today 

Employers are all feeling the pressure of low unemployment rates and socio-cultural challenges to growth. Together, business, government and nonprofits, continue to grapple with talent attraction and retention. Building a healthy, inclusive workplace is a cultural act and an economic imperative.

Corporate culture is at the core of human capacities for innovation, including vision, strategy, ingenuity, collaboration, and perseverance. How do we get the culture formula right in the face of heightened operational and reputation risks because of a legal and social atmosphere which makes it difficult for African Americans, Latinx, and LGBTQ+ individuals to bring their “whole self” to work out of fear of discrimination? Inclusive corporate and organizational cultures are the future of innovation and growth for companies and communities, no longer relegated to a cost-containment function of HR.  

Talent Tomorrow 

Recent studies and reports by Gallup Corporation, Techstars, Deloitte, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, and the HRC Equality Index all found that while culture is key to innovation output and market performance, traditional private sector approaches for creating cultures of inclusion are lacking in their design. Only a rigorous, science-based approach can validate that culture change is making a difference.  

Enter the Cultural Wellbeing Index©, created at the University of Louisville’s Center for Creative Placehealing and Center for Health Organization Transformation, both based in the UofL School of Public Health & Information Sciences. Catalyzing a culture shift toward inclusion, and leveraging science to connect the shift to core business outcomes, is the purpose of the Cultural Wellbeing Index—now operational and ready to make an impact.

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