Thriving cultures and inclusive economies where everyone is able to contribute their full, creative, potential.

To support Cultural Wellbeing in the places where people work, invest and learn.


  1. Translate the science of hope, trust and belonging into growth strategies for inclusive companies and creative entrepreneurs.

  2. Connect cultural and social entrepreneurship with private sector resources for creating sustainable, scalable solutions to deeply entrenched public health challenges.

  3. Train artists, creatives and culture-bearers to expand their creative practice into areas of public health.

  4. Engage science and research to support the process with evaluation and measurement.

  5. Use iterative learnings as a continuous feedback loop to move systems from diversity to inclusion.

CCP works with companies, governments and organizations to measure and manage Cultural Wellbeing. The solutions we co-create with others can take the shape of programs, projects, policies, products, services, or tools. CCP works with the creative industries to spread these innovative solutions across society until they take root in popular culture. The chart below highlights our model’s Five Dimensions of Cultural Wellbeing.

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 7.19.12 AM.png