Thriving cultures and inclusive economies where
everyone is able to contribute their full, creative, potential.


Leveraging the power of arts, culture and creative industries
to make population health practice and research,
universally accessible and useful.

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CCP will work with the private sector to create

a culture shift which improves the wellbeing of at least

30 million Americans by 2030.

Our 30x30 Impact Goal


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Cultural solutions can take the shape of programs, projects, policies, products, services, or tools. CCP works with the creative industries to spread these innovative solutions, backed by science, across society until they take root in popular culture. In this effort, the private sector is critical. Finding new ways to partner with the business community is core to CCP’s efforts to support sustainable, social impact.


Innovating through culture.
We help people to think more broadly about culture as a powerful framework for innovation in health and wellbeing.

Inspiring leadership.
All of us exists within multiple cultural frameworks at any given time. 
We help others decipher those frameworks in order to unlock human potential.

Transcending boundaries.
Cultural landscapes are fluid. Strategic action can never be just about one thing.
CCP’s approach helps others put culture to work and achieve exponential results.

Provoking new ways of thinking.
CCP offers a customized, safe, creative, experiential framework for
pushing systems to think beyond their comfort zones.

Managing information overload.
CCP’s system of cultural analytics provides a methodology for deciphering unstructured,
qualitative data and combining it with up-to-date, scientific research, to support solution finding at scale.

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